SALON des arts proposes a non-competitive attitude where the intelligence as sensitivity is not stimulated by ambition... but revealed within the heart. There is no judgment of good or bad students; there are only right teachers. The aim of the teacher is to encourage curiosity and self-study to awaken comprehension and passion, to inspire and to disclose the exceptional expression. Confidence and happiness emerge from a unique achievement.


The real teaching transmission is oral, personal and gradual. The morals imposed from the outside are not the expression of our level of being. Instead they bring us to conflict with ourselves.

There are no beginners or advanced students in any form or discipline. It is not the performance itself that matters, but the way in which we approach the task. The heart of the teaching and its universal technique is based on the perception of the natural law of gravity and alignment. These fundamentals are applied in any physical discipline and form.

SALON des arts welcomes and supports creators and students. It provides a center for work and exposure. It facilitates experimentation and fusion, which activates growth and gives the chance to learn. We learn to express ourselves freely, to perform and to forget the performance itself.

When life and performance become one,
the life is creation!

* Tea Time * Thursday @ 5:00pm
Our house becomes the * SALON *
where artists, dancers, scientists, athletes, and families... gather from all over the world.


Packages Available for Students and Teachers

The Salon des arts initiates an authentic setting at the
entrance of Makawao on Baldwin Avenue

In the heart of Maui, upcountry is where you will find
the last remnants of true "local" life on the islands.
An eclectic assortment of restaurants
and country shops.

Ascending the majestic slope of Haleakala,
the little cowboy town Makawao has slowly
made the transition from 1968 - 2000's.

Upcountry Makawao, Maui Hawaii

Below are
interior photos

of our Upcountry Rental

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